Address TECLAPLAST, S. A. L. considered and declared as strategic objectives of its management for the following:

  • Get the full Customer satisfaction using the strict fulfillment of the requirements contracted, being crucial to the fulfillment of the delivery date.
  • QUALITY  and its improvement are the responsibility of each and every one of the people of the TECLAPLAST and in first place for your ADDRESS.
  • QUALITY it is a key factor in the survival of the TECLAPLAST.
  • QUALITY it is not a result of the inspection, but a correct and thorough Planning, Implementation and Review of the System periodically.
  • QUALITY integrates a PLAN OF CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT. Faults must be used for PREVENTION and eliminate the causes that have produced them.
  • QUALITY and its improvement can hardly be given without the improvement of the human resources. For this reason, the directorate GENERAL shall pay maximum attention to the training of staff at all levels.
  • To achieve maximum motivation on QUALITY in all its partners.

To achieve these objectives, it is the policy of the Address TECLAPLAST, S. A. L. lead and drive the implementation of the following actions:

  • Establish and maintain a Quality System in an effective and efficient, planned and developed in conjunction with the other features of the Address.
  • Ensure that staff, it is fully familiar with the Aims and Policy of the TECLAPLAST through a program of preparation and training of staff at all levels of the same.

The quality system of TECLAPLAST,S. A. L. is based on the requirements of the standard ISO 9001:2015.

The management undertakes to comply with legal and regulatory requirements